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Dr John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author

Dr Demartini's Programs

Dr John Demartini has developed and presents the following curriculum of programs:


Self Mastery and Leadership

The Breakthrough Experience®

        Dr Demartini's The Breakthrough Experience®
        Children's Breakthrough Experience®
        Corporate Breakthrough Experience®

The Demartini Method®
        The Demartini Method® Training Program
        The Demartini Method for Groups
        The Demartini Method for Addiction
        The Demartini Method for Grief
        The Demartini Method for Illness
        The Demartini Method for Fear
        The Demartini Method for Trauma

Demartini Value Determination

Master Planning for Life

Speed Reading and Leaning Dynamics

        Teaching Today for Tomorrow
        Inspired Teaching
        The Hero Within
        Young Adults Inspired DestinyTM

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Dr Demartini's Daily Update